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CobraNet(TM) Audio network technology
  Developed by Peak Audio, CobraNet(TM) technology allows real-time uncompressed digital audio distribution over industry standard 100Base-T Ethernet networks. Based on the Ethernet-MAC-protocol, it is possible to reach an isochronous, i. e. a highly reliable datastream with very low latency and a bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s.
  CobraNet(TM) technology allows the transport of isochronous datastreams required by audio and video applications in 10 and 100 MBit Ethernet networks where an upgrade to e.g. 1 GBit is always possible. Additionally, CobraNet(TM) technology can carry asynchronous control data without conflict to the isochronous data.
  Up to 64 channels (20 Bit/48 kHz) can be carried simultaneously over a category 5 cable. CobraNet(TM) currently supports a 48 kHz sampler frequency with a 16, 20, or 24 bitrate. A respectively configured network can handle up to 3,000 audio channels. When using category 5 cables, a maximum cable-length of 100 m should not be exceeded.
  As CobraNet(TM) consists of standard Ethernet-components available in the IT retail business, high quality products can be bought at a competitive price.
  CobraNet(TM) devices can coexist with networked computers, printers, etc. on a switched 100Base-T Ethernet network, however, a dedicated network infrastructure is strongly recommended.

CobraNet(TM) audio network switch.
7 448,75
Art nr. 10356495
CobraNet(TM) audio network processor.
26 265,00
Art nr. 10356430
NAP-8 CH -CobraNet(TM) audio network processor.
16 867,50
Art nr. 10356410
NAP-8 OUT -CobraNet(TM) audio network processor.
21 633,75
Art nr. 10356420
CobraNet(TM) audio network transmitter.
30 732,50
Art nr. 10356460
NAT-16 IN -CobraNet(TM) audio network transmi...
30 732,50
Art nr. 10356440
NAT-16 OUT -CobraNet(TM) audio network transm...
30 732,50
Art nr. 10356450
CobraNet(TM) audio network transmitter.
17 730,00
Art nr. 10356490
CobraNet(TM) audio network transmitter.
30 732,50
Art nr. 10356470
CobraNet(TM) audio network transmitter.
30 732,50
Art nr. 10356480