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  DECOLOCK DQ4 is a 4-point truss system made of aluminium. The individual elements are connected via four cones, pivots and pins.
  The advantage of the conical connection system is that the cones completely fit into the main chords so that highest load capacity is guaranteed. The Quick-Lock system enables fast, efficient and highly aesthetic assembly when the truss constructions are frequently assembled and dismantled.
  The four main chords are made of 35 mm aluminium tube with 2 mm wall thickness and offer sufficient strength at a low weight. The braces have a diameter of 10 mm with 2 mm wall thickness and provide the system with a decorative appearance.
  With DECOLOCK, you can realize compact installations with low self weight, e. g. for shop displays, shop decorations, exhibitions, interior design, fair booths, discotheques and theatres.
  DECOLOCK is primarily designed for decorative installations and can be used for permanent or temporary installations due to its highly aestethic appearance. The advantages of this system are the compact construction with 220 mm outer dimensions, low weight, optimum strength along with easy and quick assembly.
  The documentation of this truss system is closely related to the Codes of Practice SR 1.0 - Provision and Use of Truss Systems published by the VPLT/PLASA. The GSI/SLV welding approval, the load tables and the engineering drawings can be downloaded from the Internet before buying the product!
  Please note: this truss system must never be combined with other systems!

System components (straights):
Designation    No.             Weight (kg)
DQ4-500       60301710       1,6
DQ4-1000     60301712       2,8
DQ4-1500     60301714       4,0
DQ4-2000     60301716       5,2
DQ4-3000     60301720       7,6
DQ4-4000     60301724     10,0

Materials used:
Alloy EN-AW 6060 T66 (AlMgSi0.5 T66)

Main chords 35 x 2 mm
Braces 10 x 2 mm

Accessory/truss 4 x connecting cone, pivot, pin

Load table DQ4:
Span (m)    Point load (kg)    Deflection (mm)    UDL (kg/m)    Deflection (mm)
2                180                       1,1                     380                    2,4
4                120                       3,6                     108                    7,6
6                100                     11,7                       39                  17,8
8                  87                     21,1                       24                  33,6
10                69                     39,1                       12                  45,8
12                60                     66,5                         7                  61,7

Maximum system-length: 12 meters

The load capacities given in this load table are based on the German standard DIN 4113.
The capacities are only valid for static loads supported at both ends and must never be exceeded!
Please refer to the VPLT Code of Practice SR1.0 available under and

For BS and ANSI compliance multiply the given capacities with 0.85.

This load table is only valid for trussing systems made of ALUTRUSS components.
This load table is not valid for circular truss.

Welding approval:
Welding certificate no.: Al 6316/04
The information basis of this publication corresponds with the date of printing. 14.07.2006

Art nr. 60301790
Art nr. 60301780
Art nr. 60301782
Art nr. 60301784
från 757,50
Art nr. 6030176M
1 785,00
Art nr. 60301730
1 775,00
Art nr. 60301732
1 263,75
Art nr. 60301734
1 260,00
Art nr. 60301736
1 260,00
Art nr. 60301738
2 432,50
Art nr. 60301758
2 135,00
Art nr. 60301744
2 107,50
Art nr. 60301752
2 432,50
Art nr. 60301760
3 832,50
Art nr. 60301768