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OH mic. stand

OH mic. stand
All good things come from above!
  To amplify the signal of music instruments you need microphones of course. Concerning trumpets, violins and such, there will be no problems as the mics can be attached to the instrument. But what do you do with the drums, or rather the cymbals. Now it is the time for our overhead microphone stand. With its maximum height of 3,90 metres it is nothing for it to reach the cymbals from above. Now, simply mount a microphone and that's it. Our stand is very stable and fully shock absorbing and is not only suited for cymbals. Choirs or just everything that has to be reached from above are part of its field of activity.

Overhead microphone stand

  • Easy assembling
  • Fully shock absorbing
  • Boom arm adjustable
  • Height universally adjustable
  • Fully detachable
  • Maximum height 3.90 m
Max. carrying capacity: 1.5 kg
Maximum height: 3.90 m
Boom length: 180 cm
Weight: 9 kg

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